Welcome to Fiery Spirits!

Fiery Spirits is a network of people, now numbering over 1,300, with an interest in making a difference in rural communities across the UK and Ireland through community-led approaches. Fiery Spirits is hosted by the Plunkett Foundation, an organisation that campaigns for community-ownership in rural areas.

Members may be interested in making their community a better place to live, have a problem they want to share to see how others have approached it, or they may have done something amazing that they'd like to share with other rural people across the UK and Ireland.

Fiery Spirits is an open network which anyone is free to join.  You can join groups having discussions on a range of issues or you can start new discussions of interest to you. You can invite people to join too if you'd like to use Fiery Spirits to connect up in a new way with others.

If you're new to the site, click on 'Start Here' which tells you how everything works.  If you're already a member, you know what to do!


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