Hi folks
Looking forward to the conference in september - and perhaps this is something that we can talk about then, but i have a fairly pressing deadline for this research so here goes...

I am doing a PhD looking at Place-Based Education and for that i am doing an Action Research pilot study with educators looking at their sense of place and how to bring place into their work. This will happen over two weekends in November, and then a full study over perhaps four weekends will happen next year. In terms of researching at how to implement PBE, and comparing this in different settings, this is pretty much a world first (i think - please correct me if i am wrong) but i am struggling to attract funding for accomodation, travel, food, resources etc for the studies.

Have you got any great ideas about where to get funding for this - the pilot study needs only around 1200, and the full study more...

Equally, I have lots of folk interested in participating but could always do with more - if you are near(ish) Argyll and are interested please let me know

All the best


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Sounds like a very good study Sam; will you be conrasting approaches in urban/sub-urban locations with rural/wilderness?
As regards funding ... dunno mate - thought your man David Key was the great fund-raiser! We can certainly talk further when you come to Cornwall, - never know, we might come up with something- you are around for Thurs and Fri too aren't you?



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