We're busy cooking up the plans for this year's Sense of Place event and we'll be posting information here as it forms.

The basic programme is -
Weds 2nd Sept - choice of one-day themed events
Place Based Learning, Will Coleman
Playful Places
Restorative Landscapes

Thurs 2nd and Fri 3rd Sept - two day conference with first afternoon in Carnglaze Caverns and seond day at Eden
Arts Cafe at Eden on the Friday night

Sat 4th Sept - local community event

Also a series of half or whole day pre-SoP events in the run up to September.

We're keen to hear suggestions like ideas for speakers and any general thoughts on joining in and joining up.

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Many thanks Jane for posting this up... I'm just finishing the next 'newsburst' with mike and helen and will point folk to this conversation to help generate traffic.

I think it might help people to contribute if you were able to give a bit more thinking of what worked that you want to build on from last year, and maybe a bit more detail on the elements and flow between them that are already in place so we can get more of a sense of what questions and particular elements you are inviting input into?

By the way, a friend just sent me a review of events from the Fetzer Institute (I'll attach it here) that I've skimmed and it looks fascinating...

Cheerio for now

PS just updated the books list on this site too, with some of tony's suggestions...
Thanks Nick, We'll be posting up more content just as soon as we can so folks can get a clearer idea of where we'd most welcome input. I like the Fetzer post, looks very interesting, I look forward to reading in more detail.
Thanks Jane
We would love to be involved in the planning. One way we could achieve this is through Kirsty! As part of her professional development, she could spend a week with you in July/August - or whenever is best for you - to learn from your team and contribute ideas.

We will certainly plan to be there for the duration of the Sense of Place event

Willie Roe, Chairman of Highlands and islands Enterprise would like a spot and he is inspirational speaker - with loads of excellent examples from his part of the world to draw upon. And an announcement to make too about HIE's involvement in Carnegie's work. Will it be possible for you to issue an invite to him?
Kate, that is music to our ears, and I can guarantee that we will be taking you up on that kind offer (yes that is the clattering of sensory hooves that you can hear heading towards you from the distant hills). We'll have a much better idea of timings in the next few weeks once we've done some more detailed planning so shall we get in touch then to make more specific plans?

It's excellent news about Willie Roe. One of things on our to do list is desiging the invites and we'll be in touch soon to talk about lists of folk to invite and which ones should go from us and which ones from you. More to follow on all this soon.
Sounds ominous!!! Seriously though I am really looking forward to it. Make sure the sun shines for me please or maybe we will be in a darkened room plotting and planning for the whole week and I won't see anything anyway!
Have a lovely weekend!
Hi everyone.....it was a joy to present after Ron Colman recently. I just loved everything he said...specially 'gross national happiness'! I took him to Beacon and Redruth and he reckoned folk there were really happy! I vividly remember when they werent so a true testimony to what they.ve achieved for themselves with a bit of help from C2! I.ve written a piece, a bit of an update on C2 sites and my thoughts on why a lot of interventions fail to produce 'people' outcomes inspired by something Tara wrote in 2006. Great to see so many old friends at Rural Sparks award....hi Nick... and to meet new ones...other winners were so inspiring....could they present at S o P ? Expect you.re already on it Jane.
Will attempt to post my 'blog' ...apologies in advance if I fail!! XXXX
PS taking extended trip ( May to Sept) in motorhome to explore properly our sceptered isle. Will be at ABCD conf in Liverpool....doing workshop on TR14ers...probably camping in car park!


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