In case anyone's missed them, some interesting comments from Will Golding at Cadispa on the power of stories v stats and constructing a community narrative -

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We've been working with the power of narrative and culture change in relation to low income thriving in an urban area. Though some say Govan is like an isolated island in the midst of the city.

Govan Together was a collaborative climate change project which focused on celebrating and building on that which the place and her people have going for them. As part of the project we've published a community broadsheet. Both as creative evaluation and as a narrative based change intervention. This includes a mapping insert, as well as stories and information about what the project did and was aiming for.

Here's the links to the online version.

Govan Thegither

Govan Thegither Map Insert

However it's best read on paper so if your in Govan at all there are copies in the Pearce Institute. x


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