As I’ve already mentioned, I’m working on a page of useful resources for those interested in finding out more about asset mapping. You may not have spotted that several CoP members have shared some good examples in response to my blog post and via comments on my profile. Thanks to all.

Ann Clark raises an interesting point in relation to using appreciative inquiry / an assets approach in a community planning process - i.e. how to get around the perennial issue of involving those other than the ‘usual faces’.

What are others’ experiences of this? Have you found any particularly effective ways of starting 'asset mapping' conversations?

A draft resources page coming your way soon...

Have happy weekends.


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Hi Gill

I'm really keen to be involved in activity to pull together useful resources and share ideas and practice. We're just starting things in Dudley, it's really exciting, and there are three areas of work I know of (and am involved in) where we are pro-actively seeking to map community assets:

1) Though a welling and health improvement that I am leading with a colleague from Public Health Dudley over the next 18 months or so in on neighbourhood

2) Through Ageing Well work in a community

3) Through the Getting People Involved phase in a Big Local area. Big Local communities have been allocated £1million over 10 years by the Lottery to choose how to use. See activity in our area 

I'm just getting to the stage when I'll be sharing things online, so would love to share anything we develop, seek comments and improvements from others, and signpost to other resources.

I just came across this which looks fantastic on first glance in relation to health and wellbeing:

Hi Lorna

Thanks for your message and great that you are happy to share what emerges from the work you're doing - all sounds really interesting and valuable. Enjoyed looking at the East Coseley website and at the alternative ways of involving people... would love to hear more about what's working best there, particularly with people who aren't normally heard.

Many thanks too for sharing the SCDC report. Have you come across their Community Health Exchange website? - - might also be useful?

Look forward to speaking more!


Hi Gill
There's some interesting activity going on in Manchester (see and Gary and James recently shared this helpful post from a convening of community network builders in Miami: - it focuses on the need to create, protect and preserve community spaces ... through which assets can be unlocked and realised.


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