Those who’ve been following the ‘Assets, health and the power of the narrative’ thread might remember the discussion around stories versus statistics, and how a community’s ‘story’ might be constructed. This seemed to strike chords with a few folk and, talking this over with a few CoP members, it seemed that gathering different experiences of asset mapping, from within the same community, might highlight some useful perspectives about initiating and developing this kind of work.

These ‘Stories from Applecross’ are a first attempt at doing this. I found it fascinating talking to the folk up there and I’m really grateful to Alison, Marion and Mike for sharing their perspectives.

It would be good to hear what others think. Do the Applecross experiences strike any chords with you? What do they reveal in terms of mapping community assets? Any thoughts about how well this way of doing 'stories' works? Look forward to reading your comments here…

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