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Thanks for posting the great photo, Shakeel! What is the story behind this?
This is the picture of an artisan working on wood lacquer art an old technique used for traditional furniture and interior decoration items making.By the time these artisans has lost their worth and are at the verge of an dying craft.We supported them under one village one product AHAN Pakistan and provided them professional designer input so as to develop new products using old techinques but for the urban and high end market.Result is eye opening as their items has displayed in an exhibition here they are selling at good price so a boost for their business,but this is the test and now the cluster of artisans are being trained and supported.
So,I am of the view that to hit the poverty it is a good idea to work on crafts revitalisation so that these landless,wage earners could earn more.Resultingly their kids can get better education and health.


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