Group members will have noticed that the Assets Inquiry group has recently morphed into 'Mapping Community Assets'... and may be wondering why. The aim is to build on the work done by group members and the IACD network, which led to the publication of 'Appreciating Assets', by exploring some of the practicalities involved in taking an assets approach to community building. Asset mapping seems a good place to start, but the conversation shouldn’t end there. This will also be a forum for sharing what happens beyond mapping - how assets, once mapped, can be mobilised, and the impact this can have.


As you'll have seen from my blogpost, I'm the new Carnegie Associate for this topic. The work will involve connecting people with experience of mapping and those interested in doing it, both virtually and through a face-to-face event in early summer, and sharing useful resources from the UK, Ireland and further afield. A few CoP members have already shared some great examples of approaches to mapping assets. I'll be highlighting these and others in a new resources page, for easy access... so please keep them coming!


The experiences shared so far show there are different interpretations of assets and asset mapping. No surprises there! But I thought it might be helpful to start launch this ‘new’ group by exploring this further. So I’d be interested in members’ thoughts: what does asset mapping mean to you?


Looking forward to hearing from you…

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