What do you make 

of the 'Appreciating Assets' publication?

Has it hit the mark for you?


What's missing?

More specifically - what would you say are the key 'hot topics' that now need following up within this area?

And - what other resources do you know about that this CoP could do well to link with and connect to?

There is potential within the CoP to continue this conversation, including resources potentially available to support meetings as well as further online exchange.


Plant the seed of an idea, and if it attracts some support, Nick Wilding or Kirsty Tait at Carnegie UK Trust can help you develop it into a proposal for the CoP Steering Group to consider.


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Dear All,


Please take a look at the attached calling notice on Appreciating landscape as an asset to help yougn people integrate into their neighbourhood. i will add a more detailed post later. You might also like to take a look at www.reconnecting-police.co.uk for some detail on work in Cornwall associated with Carnegie and Fiery Spirits



Thanks for sharing this Susan. What's the timescale for the mapping?

Hi Gill

The Mapping started end of January and we should be done end of May.



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