ok. Here's a discussion topic that's hot off the press and an opportunity to add your reflections to an embryonic project that is taking shape on the Central Coast.
A group of us have started talking about how to develop a Learning Something(Centre, Network, Hub, beast) about working with communities and organisations using an ABCD, appreciative inquiry etc. perspective. Already in the discussion there has been a really strong tendency one way to create a structure like a training organisation. There's also been an equally strong resistance to that and a passion for shaping something else.
My question to start the discussion is, how might we learn about this stuff together in a way that reflects the ideas and principals that are infused in this work? We know about some of the shapes we can and have explored like practice groups, but what do people think and what have you experienced about what works for people to learn together about the practice we are all involved in? Any ideas big or small are welcome

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I have been watching the development of a group here in Melbourne called the Creative Performance Exchange - organised using meetup.com, a regular cycle of "organisers gathering" that do not require the same people at every gathering but are microcosms of the whole and the people who have gifts for that sort of "planning" (wrong word) get invovled in the "organising gatherings" while a larger group get involved in the actual learning gatherings which are held "between" each organising gathering. Plenty of user direction and open space at the learning gatherings and "technical input" to start the discussion comes from group members - never from outside. Interesting idea and can share more offline when we have time.
Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your reply. I saw it this morning and replied to you but the reply didn't get posted for some reason. I really like the idea of the 'organising' gathering and the 'learning' gathering. I shared this at the meeting we had today and it made sense to us as we feel our way towards this learning something.
One of the things that really strikes me as I think about what this might grow into is how hard it is to imagine new learning spaces/ processes without reverting back to what you know. During the discussion we kept oscillating between the thing we are familiar with (training, workshops, learning outcomes, networks, meetings) with the kind of relationships and processes that might be possible (listening, conversations, experiences, learning in the thick of action, making time to reflect alone and together). It's pretty exciting to imagine the new stuff but also tiring - especially when we start trying to connect with a wider audience. What it looks like at the moment is maybe an embryonic social enterprise. Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences on this kind of idea in a learning(ABCD, appreciative inquiry etc) context?
Do you know Donnie McClurcan (?) on the Central Coast?

If not, I'll send you his details tomorrow from work because he's a young, dynamic, out-of-the-box kind of guy who I met at the IACD Conference in Brisbane! I think would love to have these discussions with you and yours!

I must send him an invite to join up with all of us on Ning!

No I don't know Donnie but it would be great to meet him, or at least talk via Ning


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