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Argyll and Bute Council are working with the Argyll and Bute Social Enterprise Network, Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage to explore the feasibility of establishing the Argyll and Isles Coast and Countryside Trust.  The scope of the Trust as envisaged includes outdoor access, marine and coastal, built environment and biodiversity projects.


The Small Town and Rural Development Group have been commissioned to carry out the Feasibility Study and are organising stakeholder consultation within Argyll and Bute over the next two months.  Full details are on:


The hope is to create a viable independent Coast and Countryside Trust that involves a cross section of third sector, public and private partners, and which is able to deliver services the Council could not provide on its own.  


Other examples of Countryside Trusts exist in Scotland already with the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust ( and the Fife Coast and Countryside ( the main examples. 

We would be interested in learning about other similar Trusts and in particular:

  • What the benefits of the independent Trust model of service delivery have been
  • Whether there are any drawbacks or issues to take account of and how they have been addressed
  • How they have developed partnership working and any good practice around governance
  • How they have been funded and any issues around sustainability and opportunities for income generation.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for this post.  Sounds like an exciting proposition.

When I started my work on service transfer I was posing similar questions, 'why set up a trust to run public services?', 'what problems will it hit?', 'how do you manage and govern such a thing?'.

I've found the thoughts of Andy Wiggans (a Fiery Spirits member) incredibly valuable here.  Andy is the chair of a large trust in north west England.  He addresses some of your questions (particularly drawbacks/issues) in his Service Transfer Story (see link to poster at bottom of post -

I'd be interested to hear what your next steps are.  Is there a process in place for getting this up and running?

Best wishes



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