Hi group,

As promised here are some more details about what you can expect from me over the coming months. My job is to help members get to grips with the issue of taking over or transferring a local service. Here’s what’s coming your way:

  • Four video interviews with activists currently running transferred services, or in the process of taking over a service. These videos will share the ‘juicy’ learning from their experience;
  • At least twelve blog posts that draw on intelligence from the field;
  • Uploading of relevant publications about the process of transfer, challenges and good practices;
  • Questions and reflections to group members about their plans and projects

Our first video interview is ‘in the can’ as they say, and explores the experiences of Andy Wiggans, Chair of the Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (WLCT). As a social enterprise WLCT has, for the past 10 years, run the local authority’s leisure and culture services. Andy shared his learning on the commissioning process and creating a sustainable business model, amongst other topics.

I am keen for future interviews to be guided by you, the group. What challenges do you face? What learning do you need? Who and what organisations do you think we can learn from? You can contact me on Fiery Spirits or at tom.archer@locallymade.org.uk.

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Hi Steve,

Many thanks for this, it sounds like a fab programme.  It will be great to see the interim report, so by all means post it up when its available.

I'd also be really interested to hear about the basics of the programme (what kind of activity is being funded? how much funding available? etc).

In the next week we will be posting up a video and related content, based on interviews with people involved in large services that have been transferred.  Would be great to get your reflections on this when its posted.




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