Simpl - The Social Innovation Marketplace from FutureGov on Vimeo.

Getting your idea of the ground (and turning it into a new service/facility) is a big ask when you have limited resources and/or support.  I think this is one of the biggest barriers to community groups getting involved in public service delivery.

With this in mind I was impressed by Simpl, a 'social inovation marketplace' run by FutureGov.  The idea is that you can propose an idea to a local Council for support, or a Council can pose a local problem to you that needs solving. 

Simpl seems to take a healthy approach to resourcing too.  It acknowledges that there isn't much money around, so Councils are asked to think creatively about what they can offer e.g. 'office space, service users, staff, local networks, experience, server space etc'.

It's early days for this, but it will be interesting to see if it helps form some productive partnerships.

The website can be accessed here (, and the introductory video is above.

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Thanks for posting Tom - looks interesting....


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