Thanks for all your ideas and contributions to Zero Carbon Britain. As a thank you we
have this exclusive sneak peak at the new report.

This paper on Behaviour is part of the “Power Down” theme of Zero Carbon Britain. Other papers in this theme look specifically at how Buildings and Transport can decrease their
energy demand. After a year of co-creation with members of the Fiery Spirits
community and further afield we now have “Zero Carbon Britain 2030” .

Zero Carbon Britain 2030 is the first fully integrated solution to climate change in the UK. This looks at electricity and heating requirements from
efficient service provision while decreasing carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous
oxide and other emissions. The report starts with the “context” of Climate
Change and Energy security then moves on to how we can “Power Down” heat and
electricity demand largely through new technology, efficient design and
behaviour change. Land offers tremendous potential not only to decrease
emissions but also to sequester residual emissions. We then move on to “Power
up” renewable technology and look at the policy that can bring this about plus
the job creation that will come with it.

Kind regards,

Centre for Alternative Technology.

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