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  • Fieryspirits sister-site collaborators

    12 members Latest Activity: Apr 9, 2010 This group will support ning (and potentially other social network) administrators as we figure out how to create great sites that cross-fertilise in…

  • Woodlands and forests

    20 members Latest Activity: Jul 29, 2014

    This is a new discussion topic for those with an interest in community and social enterprise involvement in owning and/or managing woodlands and…

  • What's the future for Rural Networking?

    20 members Latest Activity: Sep 28, 2014

    This purpose of this group is to share ideas about how rural practitioners can network effectively in the future.…

  • FierySpirits' Transition to Independence

    5 members Latest Activity: Oct 1, 2012

    This group's task is to design and implement the transition of FierySpirits to Independence from Carnegie UK Trust.

    This work is currently…

  • Broadband

    35 members Latest Activity: May 16, 2014

    This group discusses the practical side of community broadband - allowing those involved in projects to learn from others and…

  • Where does community resilience and emergency planning meet?

    14 members Latest Activity: Apr 16, 2013

    In Autumn 2011, the ‘Exploring Community Resilience’ report identified some ‘hot issues’ for…

  • Young, Gifted.... and Rural!

    5 members Latest Activity: Aug 2, 2012

    This group looks at the potential of involving younger people in the development and management of community owned land and assets.


  • The transfer process

    40 members Latest Activity: Apr 16, 2013 This theme is about
    (a) How services can be effectively transferred from local authorities to new partnerships with social enterprises and the…

  • Leadership Development for a One Planet Food System

    28 members Latest Activity: Mar 7, 2011 The Big Tent Summer School will be taking place next week. We would like to give participants the chance to post their questions and thoughts about…

  • Big Tent 2010

    14 members Latest Activity: Jul 27, 2010 This is a group for Fiery Spirits who want all the latest news, views and information about Big Tent 2010. It's going to be the best one yet!

  • Creating a Transition Technology Handbook

    22 members Latest Activity: Jul 1, 2011 The Centre for Alternative Technology seeks inspiring individual or community energy projects for our Transition Technology Handbook

  • LEADER Approach

    28 members Latest Activity: May 16, 2014 A group for people involved in the approximate 200 Local Action Groups which exist in the rural areas of the UK and ROI

  • Mapping Community Assets

    85 members Latest Activity: Jul 9, 2013

    This group builds on the publication of 'Appreciating Assets'. It focuses on sharing approaches to community-led asset mapping. 

  • SW Community-led initiatives participating in the Eden Forum

    8 members Latest Activity: Jan 19, 2011 Meant to continue the discussion about barriers and opportunities related to community-led initiatives and their role in shaping a resilient future.…

  • Exploring Community Resilience: next steps

    96 members Latest Activity: Feb 26, 2015

    This group builds on the publication of 'Exploring Community Resilience'.…

  • CAT Information Service

    8 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2009 The Centre for Alternative Technology’s information service provides free, impartial information on alternative technology, answering more than…

  • Fiery Spirits of Oceania

    8 members Latest Activity: Apr 24, 2010 This group is about connecting people in the region with each other and the fiery spirits in other parts of the world. It could be discussions,…

  • Content Stewards

    16 members Latest Activity: Dec 2, 2009 This group is where content stewards support each other

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