About Fiery Spirits

Fiery Spirits is a network for those with an interest in building strong, resilient rural communities.

Fiery Spirits is a place where people can discuss and develop ideas relating to community-led rural development across the UK and Ireland.

It's an open network which anyone is free to join.  We ask that those who do join try where possible to get actively involved in discussions.

We actively encourage discussions to lead to face-to-face networking whether this is with a group of people local to you or meeting up with like minded people from further afield.

There are a range of groups discussions which you can join and get involved in.  If no group exists which relates to what you want to discuss, you are free to set one up and begin connecting with others.  If you need a hand with this please contact Richard Snow (richard.snow@plunkett.co.uk) or Mike Perry (mike.perry@plunkett.co.uk) at Plunkett.

Fiery Spirits has also moved into existing networks which you may already be part of.  You can like Fiery Spirits on Facebook or follow @FierySpirits1 on Twitter.

Fiery Spirits is hosted by the Plunkett Foundation, an organisation which campaigns for community-ownership in rural areas.  It has worked across the UK, Ireland and internationally since 1919 to promote and support community-led approaches to rural development. Find out more about Plunkett at www.plunkett.co.uk.

Fiery Spirits was developed by and hosted by the Carnegie UK Trust until the end of 2012. The fact that this network exists is in large part due to the considerable time, energy and investment from the Carnegie UK Trust since 2008.

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