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The Light House of Hill : To Flourish Properly, Needs People Participation and Asset Based Development

Very nice shiny morning. The hills show their natural beauty. Suddenly clouds have come and surrounded the whole area. After ten minutes, clouds have gone and everything gets clearly visible. It seems that the hilly area flourishing…


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Develop Skills With Fun Games Online

Logic games are some of the best that anyone can let their children play or even take part in personally. Instead of exposing children to games that can have negative effects on their minds, it is advisable to choose those that will play a role in developing their faculties. These are the games you can leave your children to play and not worry that they will have nightmares when the playing is long over. The online games are fun and beneficial to such growing minds…


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Story of a lady bike rider and women development: Organizers should go to the roots

Every morning one lady bike rider passes me when my bus gets stuck in the jam on the way to my office. She goes ahead to her destination by driving her Scooty easily and naturally on the wide and narrow spaces on the road as like as a man. Every day when I see her I give her a salute and admire her courage because it is Bangladesh, a moderate Islamic country by the constitution, where a big part of the people do not support from their mind to let the women go out from home for working…


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Engagement Group at UWS Community Learning and Development Course

Hi Community,

I'm part of a small team building a new course for CLD work at University of the West of Scotland.  We'd like to include the skills, perspectives and insights of those across Scotland developing more resilient communities.  If you'd like to be part of that have a look at the  invitation link below.…


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Upcoming Food Sovereignty UK meeting, 18th May, Birmingham

FOOD SOVEREIGNTY UK meeting: Sunday, 18th May



The Warehouse Café, Birmingham – 4.00pm


Free booking at…


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Making land available for woodland creation..

An interesting report from Exeter University, June 2012 on who owns agricultural land in England and the potential for woodland creation. Not often you see figures on Oxbridge college land - although 54% didn't take part.


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Creating a 21st Century Commons - event in Manchester 19th September

Shared Assets and New Start Magazine are holding an event that might be of interest to Fiery Sprits members - more details are below and here, and we'd love to see you there!

Can we create a '21st  Century Commons' that delivers social, economic and environmental benefits to communities?

New Start and …


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FW: the Countryside Alliance

 The ninth annual "Rural Oscars" are open to nominations


The 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards are now open to nominations, so please join us in celebrating the best of British produce and community-spirit - nominate now at Nominations are open until 1st November and hard-copy forms can be ordered from…


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Ship's Biscuit - An Emerging Project - Looking for Collaborators

My aim is to develop a branded distribution or provisioning network that makes local food available to self catering, sailing tourists, particularly in remote coastal locations.

This project is tailored to the growing sailing tourism market and with lasting benefits to all contributors.

I propose to Project Manage the development of the project using PM4ESD, working to produce sustainable benefits for all the stake-holders rather than develop it as an enterprise or service… Continue

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Latest rural community enterprise news from the Plunkett Foundation.

A Better form of Business 2013

Reporting on the health of  rural Community Owned Shops in the UK  from data for 2012 gathered by Plunkett.

Plunkett Foundation…


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Feeding Ourselves - How communities can benefit from co-operative food systems

Hello fellow Fiery Spirits,

Im delighted our CoP has found a new home with Plunkett and hope we can continue to progress and help each other cultivate communities that can prosper in these challenging times.  

Im currently the chair of Ireland's largest CSA projects, the Cloughjordan Community Farm. We currently provide fresh vegetables, milk and meat to over sixty member households on 40 acres of land in Cloughjordan, Tipperary Ireland. 12 acres of the farm is located…


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Development Officer - Plunkett Scotland

As you may be aware, Plunkett Foundation recently merged activities with Community Retailing Network in Scotland. We're now looking to recruit a development officer who will help us reach more rural communities in Scotland and deliver this work - please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone you think may be interested!

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Plunkett Foundation to take over as host of Fiery Spirits Community of Practice

As you will have read in the June edition of the Fiery Spirits News Burst, the Carnegie UK Trust has been working closely with the Plunkett Foundation throughout 2012 to look at collaborating more closely on the future of the Fiery Spirits Community of Practice.  In a meeting of the Fiery Spirits Community of Practice steering group in November it was agreed that Plunkett would take on the host role of Fiery Spirits from the Carnegie UK Trust.…


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Plunkett Foundation announces merger of activities with Community Retailing Network to extend services in Scotland

Plunkett Foundation has announced today it will be extending its services by merging with the Scotland based Community Retailing Network (CRN) to give Scotland’s rural communities greater access to Plunkett’s support.

The CRN worked across Scotland supporting community-owned shops in some of the remotest rural locations to thrive. Plunkett Foundation has worked with the CRN to support the…


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JK Rowling's 'The Casual Vacancy' - what it has to say about localism & local councils

What a cracking read this is! No wizards, brromsticks etc......

But a dark, brooding, gritty account of contemporary rural life (in a small SW England market town).

Featuring drug addiction, rape, malicious gossip, class warfare, black v white, name but a few.

Rural idyll it…


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Co-production in Public Services: Advancing the Agenda

Coprodnet and Governance International are co-hosting a co-production workshop during the Policy@MBS week at the University of Manchester, 30th October 2012, 4.00-6.00 PM


The workshop will showcase three inspiring case studies of involving users and communities in public services from the North-West. These examples…


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'Tune for the Blood' a documentary about young new generation farmers

A few of you may remember a few years ago that I posted about a film I was making about young farmers. (Has it been that long in the making?!) We finally finished it and have shown it at the Borderlines Film Festival, The Ludlow Assembly Rooms and at the Abergavenny Food Festival Fringe and other events. It is a feature length documentary, starring, among others, another Fiery Spirit, Christine Hope. Tune for the Blood provides an insight into the passion end enthusiasm of young people…


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Overview of FierySpirits' Story to Date

CoPProspectus2013.pdf is a two page poster (A3 format - but readable A4) that summarises the FierySpirits…


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'After the Storm' by Dead Good Guides

Over the last couple of weeks, Dead Good Guides have been camped out in a wood near where I live, inviting passers-by to help transform trees felled by a mighty storm on January 3rd into carvings of the animals whose habitat changed dramatically overnight…


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New research on island fishermens' relationship to the sea suggests cultural roots to Sound Of Barra dispute

A new book investigating the cultural background to the ongoing maritime conflict in the Sound of Barra in the Western Isles is being published this week. The book, called ‘Dùthchas na Mara’ (‘Belonging to the Sea’), highlights the role that traditional knowledge of the sea plays in maintaining Gaelic speaking island fishing communities in Scotland and Ireland. It also suggests that traditional knowledge may be an important cultural source for the current campaign on Barra against Scottish…


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