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Scottish Renaissance Towns

Last week I attended the a Scottish Renaissance Towns event which focussed on the story of Neilston, East Renfrewshire, a small town which, having experienced the Renaissance approach, is now looking to spread the word throughout Scotland. It was refreshing to hear local authority economic development people, urban designers, architects, elected members, private developers, members of the local development trust and a host of others all sing from the same hymn sheet - about how local… Continue

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BBC food awards

I can think of several of you who will be interested in this!

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National Parks

It is the 60th anniversary of the legislation which established National Parks in England and Wales. After years of agitation by people in high places as well as by working people, it was accepted that along with nature conservation and landscape protection, the opportunity for people to have recreational access to relatively wild country was an important social right. It was no accident that the popular campaign for national parks was at its strongest in the 1930s in the years of mass… Continue

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Michele Obama on Asset Based Community Development!

Last week Michelle Obama shared her views on, and experience of the Asset Based Community Development Approach. By doing so she issued a powerful endorsement from the White House, of this approach. Here is a bit from her presentation:

As you know, the President has said that America is facing some of the greatest challenges it's faced in generations, and as a result, Washington can only do so much. I think probably each and every one of you in this room realizes that. There's only so… Continue

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Search for Community Workspace Projects

I'm currently working with a group of folks who are keen to develop their idea for a community workspace project. I'm hoping to make contact with a similar such project and perhaps arrange a visit if possible. Any assistance greatly appreciated!

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New report showcases Scottish climate education for action

A new report published today shows Scottish climate education projects building community action to tackle climate change - and highlights the different kinds of support needed by communities who want to take action.

The report entitled 'Are we Switching On? Challenges and Opportunities for Climate Change Education' identifies and profiles projects which empower people to take action to tackle climate change in their own lives and communities, rather than those which simply give… Continue

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Good news for community-led climate action

We all know the importance of community action in leading the fight against climate change, but many people feel swamped with bad news about the problem without being given real support for tackling it at all levels. Scottish Education and Action for Development's new 130-page online resource for community action is designed to help answer that need. It gives groups access to existing support from all kinds of organisations (from active communities to funders, mentors and training) in Scotland… Continue

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Building and Growing

Voice 1 There is building

Voice 2 And there is growing

Voice 1 You build a house

Voice 2 While you grow a garden

Voice 1 You can’t grow a house

Voice 2 And you can’t build a garden

Both Though some people try

Voice 1 You build something if you want it to have structure with straight lines and right angles. You build something if you want it to be sturdy and solid.

Voice 2 And you grow something that you want… Continue

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Networking Is Not Working...

Hi Everyone, this is the June e-bulletin from IACD......

Dear IACD Network Member,

Networking is not working. You could be forgiven for feeling that is a slightly strange sentiment to emerge from an international network. And you would be right; fortunately, it is not my thought. Unfortunately, however, it is that of someone ever so slightly more influential. Yet, before we brush aside the musings of George Soros with undue haste, the man might just have a… Continue

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The Community v. Irish Rail

My local community of Ballyvary in Co. Mayo, Ireland has a bit of a dilemma. After months of preparation and planning the enhancement association launched a series of loop walks which would start in the village and lead people through the local countryside. One of the routes was along an old roadway which had not been used by vehicles for many years. The walking route crosses the railway at the old station house. A few nights ago Irish Rail blocked the roadway at the station house crossing by… Continue

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engaging communities with a twist.....

Hello All

Has anyone out there got a whacky engagement tool ! for engaging communities on all things energy/climate change related. In my role as a Powerdown Officer I am planning an awareness raising event to make people aware of my role. I am thinking of a drop in like event a few laptops set up encouring people to find out their carbon footprint, a few market stalls with the obvious organisations, but would love to do something different with a twist. Helen our group co-ordinator… Continue

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Invitation to Fiery Spirits! Please help to shape the results of the Carnegie UK Trust’s Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society.

Hello all,

The Carnegie Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society is looking for quick responses via online surveys on two ‘burning’ themes. Click straight through on these links, or read more below:

Civil society associations and their application of social & new media

The… Continue

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Check out 'Home'

Instead of renting a film or going to the cinema... I really recommend having a look at 'Home', available free from YouTube for a limited time:

It's a 'view from the skies' story of human evolution - a kind of 'moonrise' for the 21st century. Well worth it... for the amazing images maybe more than for the narrative I found a bit too simplified. Anyway, be interested to hear what you think if you get a chance to have a look

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Vacancy for Fiery Spirit

Centre Development Co-ordinator

Following an award from the Big Lottery Fund, Douglas St. Bride’s Community Group wishes to recruit an enthusiastic individual to assist them manage plans to redevelop St. Bride’s Centre, an important community asset in the rural village of Douglas. The suitable candidate will have the drive, passion and determination to help the group steer this exciting project forward. They will be able to demonstrate relevant project management experience and have… Continue

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community project v tv programme

Just a brief update, I did have every intention of blogging diary like throughout the whole process, but the time just ran away with me and sadly it never got done. I had through volunteer work since I moved to the town of Langholm 5 years ago, become very involved in one of the communities projects. This project was to help the Kilngreen in Langholm reach its full potential. For those of you that don't know Langholm, it is a town with a population of 2,300 inhabitants situated in a pituresque… Continue

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No More Suits and Clipboards

I have just spend a few days with the team at Eden and their partners at Sensory Trust, Wildworks and the Post Mining Alliance learning more about their ClayFutures consultation they are working hard on at the moment. Eden work in the Cornish Clay Country – an area which is wholly owned by the international mining company Imerys. They are working with communities that have severe consultation fatigue – where they have filled out countless… Continue

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Village SOS - reality show - turning rural community action into a spectator sport

so Big Lottery and the BBc have gone ahead and launched Village SOS; they write

'The search is on for six UK villages with a great business idea that will bring new life to their community. The best ideas will receive funding of up to £400,000 each from the Big Lottery Fund. We're also looking for six Village Champions, enterprising individuals who will work with the successful villages to launch and run their brand new businesses. Their stories will be followed for a major primetime… Continue

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Food Hubs

Nick suggested I put up something about our Stroud Food Hub. Here is an outline:

Stroudco Food Hub

A social enterprise for local food producers and community


• Provide affordable, locally-produced food to people in Stroud

• Give producer members access to a local market at higher than wholesale prices.

• Build supportive and understanding links between producers and consumers

• Develop food culture and community… Continue

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