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Two Sides of Cultural Capital

Originally posted as editorial for Newsburst 30.11.09

I was out last night at the pub with some friends from a small rural town in Australia and the conversation kept returning to the difficulty of attracting and keeping professionals in their town. It seemed that doctors, dentists, lawyers and teachers came and went with astonishing rapidity, and while no one was lamenting the loss of lawyers, there was general agreement that it was hard for a community to function without the… Continue

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From Food Security to Food Sovereignty: Is this the solution to the tragedy of hunger in our world?

See below an extract of the Declaration of the Parallel Forum to the World Food Summit on Food Security this November. The main emphasis was on Food Sovereignty and the need to promote a new ecological model of food provision.

On the 26th of November the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the FAO Summit in Food Security, and Food Sovereignty is also in the agenda, as stated (see complete… Continue

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Phew! That was some convention!!!

Here I am back at my desk in none-too-sunny Dalbeattie in SW Scotland. In spite of everything by way of weather and the firm bump back into my working routine I find myself still buzzing as I recall the convention and reflect upon the people I met and the words, emotions and ideas shared with such good humour in Kendal. Words are inadequate to express my sincere appreciation for all the effort and contributions that made it all possible and so very worthwhile.

I am now looking to… Continue

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Rural Convention November 24th 2009: How do we build on our work?

During the final session at this year's convention (full report and presentations / videos to follow shortly), convention participants talked together in a 'world cafe' session focussed on two questions:

1) What innovative/exciting work are you involved in/planning that will really improve the quality of life and/or viability of your rural community?

2) How do we build on this?

This blog post is being written 'live' at the convention reporting on on… Continue

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Hi everyone

We have received a number of enquiries about the weather and asking if the Convention will be affected - all is well and the Convention will go ahead as planned.

Yesterday's flooding was caused by unusual weather conditions with a front 'stuck' over Cumbria for most of the day. Kendal was not especially badly hit - the places that normally flood are in low lying places in the town but our rivers rise and fall very quickly. The Castle Green Hotel, like Oxenholme… Continue

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this post is a response - but i am as yet unable to gain access to the original blog location -

"Wyn Evans, who runs a mixed farm of 170 acres, has been trying to reduce his dependency on fossil fuels since 1977. He has installed an anaerobic digester, a wind turbine, solar panels and a ground-sourced heat pump. He has sought wherever possible to replace diesel with his own electricity. Instead of using his tractor to spread slurry, he pumps it from the digester onto nearby fields.… Continue

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An update from Carnegie's Rural Team


October 2009

I. Special Alert Items from November onwards

Our hectic autumn programme continues in November. On 6th November, our Rural Action Research Programme partners in the north of England will hold an event to consider the findings of the hill farming research. Tim Farron MP, Chair of the All Parliamentary group on hill farming and Shadow Minister for Countryside and Rural Affairs will provide a political perspective on the Uplands and… Continue

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Monbiot: If Nothing Else, Save Farming

Thanks Bridget for posting this link this morning - I think it warrants a blog entry all of its own. This of course is of relevance to all groups on fieryspirits - perhaps particularly resilience and food groups though. Click through to Monbiot's original for the references:

If Nothing Else, Save Farming

Posted November 16, 2009

It’s probably… Continue

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Rural Network events kick off in Aberdeenshire

The regional events programme of the Scottish National Rural Network kicks off next week in Aberdeenshire. Following on from the Scottish Rural Gathering held at Perth Racecourse in September, the series of 20 events aims to promote and develop links and networks across the different individuals, businesses, organisations, communities and sectors in rural Scotland.

It's looking set to be a great day, with updates on rural funding opportunities, a… Continue

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Certificated training from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2)

Dear all,

please find a link to certificated training from the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2); run by Vikki Hilton in Edinburgh

I am discussing with Vikki about running the above in Cheltenham at my uni in the English Midlands - 1 hour from Birmingham..........might anyone be interested for probably July 2010.

ALL - please… Continue

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Affordable Housing in Rural Towns

We are looking for evidence and stories to expose the innappropriatness of high density, but affordable, ammenity less, developer-led tiny apartments ( as opposed to small cottage style). Pitlochry (predominantly hoteliers and well off retired folk) has a rash of profit-driven town centre developments, without multi stakeholder design and discussion, the absence of which will 'imprison' low income families.

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Voluntourism and rural community development.......

Dear all,

from the 'left field' [perhaps]........I wonder if the following is worth looking at re [Carnegie's] rural community development work? Details & link below

Basically the article in Time magazine 16 Nov 2009 page 47, suggests that 'Voluntourism' = a growing movement "trips with a heavy focus on volunteering".......visitors/volunteers could contribute to needy areas, community-based projects and at same time e.g. enjoy/link to a village's cultural… Continue

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Invitation to hear about Honours Degree/Foundation Degree/Cert HE in 'Community Engagement & Governance'

Dear all,

fancy a trip to the home of the Gold Cup? Please find attached an invite to hear about our new Honours Degree/Foundation Degree/Cert HE in 'Community Engagement & Governance'.

Venue = University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Francis Close CampusGL50 4AZ
Date = 12.45 - 15.00 hours

Please let me know - you will be most welcome; more information from:

James [Derounian]

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News from DTA

Thanks to Jennifer Aird for bringing this to our attention:

DTA set to widen its membership

Regeneration & Renewal, 21 September 2009

Umbrella body the Development Trusts Association will be able to broaden its membership following an amendment to its company memorandum that will allow it to accept community organisations as well as trusts as members.

The association sought legal advice in order to amend its formal objectives as outlined in… Continue

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Tories support for Community Land Trusts

TORY plans will give local communities the power to grant planning permission to build affordable rural housing.

Planning controls proposed by the Conservatives would give local residents the right to decide if they want villages to expand.

The controls would apply to residents in areas dominated by second homeowners, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Villages in beauty spots across the country could expand by up to 10% over 10 years with financial incentives to… Continue

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Zero Carbon Britain - the next steps

We are all are becoming increasingly aware that on numerous fronts, the consequences of the past 150 years of fossil fuel driven industrialisation are simultaneously coming home to roost. The most recent scientific evidence on both climate security and energy security reveals a situation more urgent than had been expected, even by those who have been following it closely for decades.

Experts, scientists and political leaders are only now grappling with the vast quantities of energy… Continue

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