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Happy Christmas all and a Fiery Spirited New Year

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Happy Christmas... and the Carnegie team taking a break over Christmas...

The Carnegie team is taking a longish break over Christmas after a very hectic year... so we'll not be so present on fieryspirits until the New Year.

If there is something you need help with on, it's still worth dropping me an email and I'll see if I can help from home.

Best wishes from us all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Kate, Kirsty, Nick, Geoff, Donna and… Continue

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The Root of All Evil

I read an article recently about a bicycle "upcycling" (the sexier added-value marketing version of recycling) operation in Daylesford, Victoria where the author claimed that any technology developed after the Stone Age was to blame for the planet being “in a mess”. This sort of woolly thinking is pretty common amongst the rank and file of the environmental movement, and the article finally prompted me to pull some of it apart for closer inspection.

Now, first off, unless the author… Continue

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Tick, Tick, Tick ....

The number of NGO passes has been drastically reduced, so I am now on my way home. By train it’s 24 hours, but that includes a reasonable nights sleep on the Copenhagen to Cologne night train. Over the 10 days the CAT team have been here, we have distributed two thousand leaflets inviting delegates to download the Zero Carbon Britain ‘Copenhagen Special’ report, we have given four TV interviews, two radio interviews, I presented at two side… Continue

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Sign the global climate peition (yes I know it's only a petition! but sometimes it matters...

Whether you think Copenhagen is close to a deal or close to disaster, there’s no doubt that it makes sense to register your support for a real deal. The excellent people at Avaaz are running a very basic on-line petition. They’re aiming for at least 15 million people to sign so add you voice now – it’s easy.

When I did so at 9.38 am the number signed up was 11,098,546 but going up all the time. Do it now!

They say that “Every single name is actually being read out at the… Continue

Added by Chris church on December 16, 2009 at 9:46 — 1 Comment

3 Days of Copenhagen Talks and Walks

Along with about 45,000 other people (including Paul Allen and many other bolgistas it would seem!) I've been at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen where the main negotiations and side events have been happening in a place capable of holding only 15,000 people (see Day One below). Then I joined 100,000 folk to march on the Bella Centre to demand real action now (see Day Two below). Finally I took part in an unexpected BBC debate and in our polite fut firm Academic Seminar Blockade (Day Three below)… Continue

Added by Justin Kenrick on December 15, 2009 at 11:29 — 1 Comment

‘Real deal’ or ‘No deal’

The pace is now accelerating at COP15, as proceedings resume after a week-end which saw 100,000 people make a peaceful protest march to the negotiating hall, and 960 detained in a ‘pre-emptive arrest’ in advance of climate protests in the city centre. The week-end respite also saw the climax of the industry ‘Bright Green’ forum with Speakers ranging from US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Chair of the… Continue

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Reading: Boats and Food

Two diverse articles in the in-box this morning - both powerful in their own ways.

The first is the Sustainable Development Commissions latest report - Setting the table

Advice to Government on priority elements of sustainable diets
. The resonance with many of the discussions on this site, perhaps particularly those following Mike Small's work with Fife Diet and the One… Continue

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Science says ‘we must’, technology says ‘we can’, COP15 could be our last chance to say ‘we will’

Even within the US, there is a growing consensus that science says ‘we must’. The average temperature increase since 2000 are now the highest since records began. The most recent evidence on climate change reveals a situation more urgent than had been expected, even by those who have been following it closely for decades.

But to keep below 2 degrees C this ‘must’ is a big ‘must’. What the science demands is collectively reducing global emissions by 80% before 2050. This means that to… Continue

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No Wriggling at Devon’s Sustainable and Resilient Rural Communities Conference Supported by Carnegie UK Trust

Huge thanks are due to the eighty plus people who took part in the Sustainable and Resilient Rural Communities Conference at Stoodleigh Court near Tiverton, Devon on the 4th Dec. The Conference organised by the Devon Towns Forum and Devon Rural Network with the support of the influential Carnegie UK Trust was always going to be a winner and it didn’t disappoint.

The conference boasted an engaging and varied programme with displays from a dozen of the regions top organisations.… Continue

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'Strong Sustainable Consumption' and the de-growth agenda.

I have just returned from the 'Making an Impact - Collective Actions Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production' conference. This was the end of a two year EU funded programme on how civil society organisations can work around consumption and production.

Some of this relates to the concerns that developed in the early 1990s when Agenda 21 rightly stated that “the major cause of the continued deterioration of the global environment is the unsustainable pattern of consumption and… Continue

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Yes he can!

After weeks of decreasing expectations from Copenhagen, there has been a slightly increased air of optimism at the COP, a new feeling something big might actually happen after all. Amongst a range of new items on table, the US’s new options for dealing with CO2 pollution has got a lot of people talking.

One of the key reasons for the low expectations from the COP had revolved around the current US offer to deliver a 17% reduction below 2005 levels by 2020. Unfortunately, this works… Continue

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Stemming youth out-migration

I am currently studying and I am doing an assignment on stemming the tide of youth out-migration in rural Latvia in a report format. I believe that actually stemming the tide is not necessarily helpful as the rural youth need to gain experience from other areas, maybe even move out for a time but I do believe that it is essential to encourage the young people back, hopefully having gained valuable experience, fresh ideas and a commitment to live in the area rather than a resentment due to lack… Continue

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Good COP, bad COP?

I have now arrived at the 15th UN Conference of the Parties (COP15) in Copenhagen to present Zero Carbon Britain,to help illuminate the path ahead. I spent 9 hours yesterday in a meeting of activists from across the globe to explore what are we all doing here, and how we can best have an effect?

The key task at hand must be to negotiate a global agreement that prevents ‘serious runaway climate chaos’. To achieve this, the overwhelming majority of science tells us we must keep the… Continue

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Obama on Community Organising

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McKnight speaks about Barack Obama his student

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ABCD is not about denying needs!

On Needs!

Some, on first reading, assume that ABCD is suggesting we ignore needs and focus only on assets. That is a fundamental misunderstanding! Such a surface understanding of ABCD can lead to unfair criticism of the approach, as well as creating unnecessary fears among those who are genuinely endeavouring to address very pressing needs and doing valuable development work in the process. So, far too often ABCD can seem to offend this important work and those who undertake it. This… Continue

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Real Cool Futures - NEW Green Careers Initiative for Young People

Eden Project are looking for people who work within the growing environmental, ethical business and low carbon job sectors to be a part of Real Cool Futures a new initiative from Eden which aims to inspire young people about their futures. The project has a focus on, a website hosting an inspirational bank of case studies, personal stories showing a wide variety of ways in which young adults are contributing and responding to… Continue

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Saving community costs as well as the planet

I feel like a proud father after the birth of his first child. Today I have my first batch of Biodiesel –and it looks good enough to drink!

Way back in July, the North Harris Trust started collecting waste vegetable oil. We opened up a Community Recycling Site in the summer and thought this would be a good project for the two part-time staff, during the long winter months when the site has fewer visitors. The first purchase was a 1000 litre IBC… Continue

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