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Thoughts on resilience - I welcome your feedback!

Over recent months communities across the western world are struggling to adjust to a new era of profound and abrupt change. Although not of their own making, these changes compel communities to re-consider how they plan to move forwards into the 21st century.

I know from my own experience that it has a profound personal effect when you realise that the consequences of the past 150 years of rapid industrialisation are… Continue

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Dealing prudently with deficit

As Britain braces itself to deal with some of the harshest public spending cuts since the Second World War, it is vital we consider the big picture, and ensure we create a more resilient economy.

The rules that determine the next two decades are going be very different from those that governed the previous two. Of the 98 oil producing nations in the world, 64 are thought to have passed their geologically imposed production peak, and of those 60 are now in terminal production decline.… Continue

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The media frenzy of another election is now well underway, and everyone’s talking…. But it’s the conversations we are not having that matter most!

The way this election’s dialogue has been framed is revealed as much by what is not being said, as by what is. For starters, we are been told that this election is going to be ‘about the economy’, strait away veering our conversations away from international wars, peak oil, social equity or key environmental issues. But even the discussions we do have on the economy rarely venture beyond a time horizon of a couple of years.…

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10th Feb: Peak Oil report by Virgin, Arup, Foster + Partners, Scottish and Southern Energy etc.. give 2015 as crunch year

This is a significant development in the ongoing debate around how significantly we should be factoring 'peak oil' into our thinking. I recommend taking a look at this report (as well as the calibre of its backers). Best…


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Zero Carbon Britain - the next steps

We are all are becoming increasingly aware that on numerous fronts, the consequences of the past 150 years of fossil fuel driven industrialisation are simultaneously coming home to roost. The most recent scientific evidence on both climate security and energy security reveals a situation more urgent than had been expected, even by those who have been following it closely for decades.

Experts, scientists and political leaders are only now grappling with the vast quantities of energy… Continue

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International Energy Agency admits conventional oil running out

Please take a look at George Mombiot's article and short film about interviewing the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA). For the first time the IEA admits that peak oil is happening, based on their own assessment of the worlds 800 largest oil fields.

For many of us this will not come as news, but for the first time this view is coming from the agency whose assessments drive energy policy-making internationally and in the UK and Ireland. For our community of practice,… Continue

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