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Belonging to the Sea...

Hello Fiery Spirits,

in late 2010 I blogged on FS that I was trying to attract funding for a project which would examine the common cultural traditions of Gaelic speaking fishing communities in Scotland and Ireland. I'm pleased to be able to say that, working along with Ruth Brennan of SAMS (The Scottish Association for Marine Science) and the Glasgow based visual artist Stephen Hurrel and with the support of the Colmcill partnership, we have researched and written up our…


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Can you help promote 'Exploring Community Resilience' this Autumn? And pre-order now....

. What is community resilience?

. How are people building it?

. Why does it…


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Fever - A Video Guide on Climate Change for Indigenous Peoples

Dear Friends,

This email is to announce the online launch of Fever – A Video Guide, a set of videos for use by indigenous communities and their allies. The videos are available to watch and download online: DVD copies may be requested by going to our website and clicking on Request a DVD.

Fever – A Video Guide consists of 4 short films for indigenous communities to raise awareness and build knowledge about the issue of… Continue

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Schemes which Benefit Older People in Rural Areas

     During the autumn I was commissioned to make 8 short videos for a the Rural Media Company, which is based in Hereford.  The videos form part of a 3 year project, Over the Hill? which aims to highlight the challenges facing older people in the countryside and questions assumptions regarding the services rural older people want and need.

     Together with a colleague, I travelled to North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Derbyshire…


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Zero Carbon Britain march to Parliament 4th December

Saturday 4th December 8.30am

The day started just after eight am with a telephone interview on what we are doing for the march in London to Radio Shropshire. Although the questions were clearly aimed to be very challenging (i.e. “but what ever you do won’t people just object to it?”), I was pleased to be allowed enough time to answer in full. Now there is just time to collect my thoughts before the first presentation of the day. I have been asked to present Zero Carbon Britain at the start… Continue

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David Fleming 1940 - 2010

Dear friends David Fleming died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night.
David Fleming…

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Thoughts on resilience - I welcome your feedback!

Over recent months communities across the western world are struggling to adjust to a new era of profound and abrupt change. Although not of their own making, these changes compel communities to re-consider how they plan to move forwards into the 21st century.

I know from my own experience that it has a profound personal effect when you realise that the consequences of the past 150 years of rapid industrialisation are… Continue

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Big Tent 'Resilience' presentation using 'Prezi'.

Last weekend, I took the opportunity of a slot at Fife's Big Tent festival over the weekend to pull together some quotes from participants at some fieryspirits events about their 'take' on resilience to provoke a conversation amongst festival goers.

I have also long wanted to experiment with an online presentation tool called 'prezi' ( - it's free!). It took me about an hour to learn prezi well enough to put this presentation together - which you can see below.

The… Continue

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10th Feb: Peak Oil report by Virgin, Arup, Foster + Partners, Scottish and Southern Energy etc.. give 2015 as crunch year

This is a significant development in the ongoing debate around how significantly we should be factoring 'peak oil' into our thinking. I recommend taking a look at this report (as well as the calibre of its backers). Best…


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The Post-Copenhagen Path

This week saw the deadline for the countries that collectively emit 80% of the world’s greenhouse gasses to hand in their offerings under the ‘Copenhagen Accord’. Although everyone submitted on time; the targets are not binding and the sum total emissions reduction is a long way from meeting what the science demands to give us a 50% change of keeping below the 2 degrees Centigrade needed to prevent very serious climate chaos. Are we… Continue

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Two Sides of Cultural Capital

Originally posted as editorial for Newsburst 30.11.09

I was out last night at the pub with some friends from a small rural town in Australia and the conversation kept returning to the difficulty of attracting and keeping professionals in their town. It seemed that doctors, dentists, lawyers and teachers came and went with astonishing rapidity, and while no one was lamenting the loss of lawyers, there was general agreement that it was hard for a community to function without the… Continue

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Zero Carbon Britain - the next steps

We are all are becoming increasingly aware that on numerous fronts, the consequences of the past 150 years of fossil fuel driven industrialisation are simultaneously coming home to roost. The most recent scientific evidence on both climate security and energy security reveals a situation more urgent than had been expected, even by those who have been following it closely for decades.

Experts, scientists and political leaders are only now grappling with the vast quantities of energy… Continue

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Rethinking the Country report

Words like sustainability or resilience or vulnerability are often used in the media these days but what do they really mean? The ‘Rethinking the Country Conference', held at Tipperary Institute this week aimed to answer this very question. This was run as part of the Convergence Festival by Cultivate in Dublin and Cloughjordan. Davie Philip from Cultivate and MC for the day, outlined the Conference mission as bringing together Irish stakeholders, leaders and academics from a wide variety of… Continue

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International Energy Agency admits conventional oil running out

Please take a look at George Mombiot's article and short film about interviewing the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA). For the first time the IEA admits that peak oil is happening, based on their own assessment of the worlds 800 largest oil fields.

For many of us this will not come as news, but for the first time this view is coming from the agency whose assessments drive energy policy-making internationally and in the UK and Ireland. For our community of practice,… Continue

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Invite to input into rural sustainability indicators toolkit....


just passing on this invitation from rural community network. It seems that there may be some potential to influence this rural sustainability indicator toolkit. I'm curious about how a rural sustainability indicator toolkit might also track resilience (see my previous post. I believe Transition Totnes is in the process of developing bottom-up resilience indicators - do you know of anywhere else on this tack?)... you'll have your own angle I'm sure. Another one might be… Continue

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