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Overview of FierySpirits' Story to Date

CoPProspectus2013.pdf is a two page poster (A3 format - but readable A4) that summarises the FierySpirits…


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'After the Storm' by Dead Good Guides

Over the last couple of weeks, Dead Good Guides have been camped out in a wood near where I live, inviting passers-by to help transform trees felled by a mighty storm on January 3rd into carvings of the animals whose habitat changed dramatically overnight…


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New research on island fishermens' relationship to the sea suggests cultural roots to Sound Of Barra dispute

A new book investigating the cultural background to the ongoing maritime conflict in the Sound of Barra in the Western Isles is being published this week. The book, called ‘Dùthchas na Mara’ (‘Belonging to the Sea’), highlights the role that traditional knowledge of the sea plays in maintaining Gaelic speaking island fishing communities in Scotland and Ireland. It also suggests that traditional knowledge may be an important cultural source for the current campaign on Barra against Scottish…


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Member News Direct: trial now live

In the most recent edition of 'NewsBurst' we invited members to submit links to your websites, blogs, twitter pages and more with the promise that we'd try to point others your way.

A trial version of ‘member news direct’ service is now live - and we need your help to improve it:

1) a ‘members news’ box now sits on the front of, and in addition

2) members can sign up for a daily email newsletter with news updates. 

At present, we are taking…


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From the Low Tide of the Sea to the Highest Mountain Tops" _cke_saved_src="" width="250" />In March Community of Practice partners North Harris Trust supported Community Land Scotland's annual conference on Mull. A highlight was…

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CoP Development 2012: help us find three new Carnegie Associates

CoP Development 2012: help us find three new Carnegie Associates

Thanks to feedback from the annual member survey in March, the CoP Steering Group is now seeking three new Carnegie Associates. Please help us to find the right people to apply for these positions:
  • Upgrading (£3.5K) - …

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New Service from FierySpirits will promote members posts wherever they are on the web!

Since FierySpirits began in 2008, there are now thousands of ways to share news online. Many of us now use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. alongside our websites and blogs. But this takes more time it's hard to get noticed in the cluttered online world.

With FierySpirits membership at over 1,200 we think we can help you to maximise the number of people seeing your posts. Here's how:

1) We inviting you to …

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Give feedback about Fiery Spirits CoP! Member Survey now open (till Feb 10th)

  • What topics do you want Fiery Spirits Community of Practice to focus on?
  • Have any of the resources CoP members produced last year been useful?
  • What web features should we improve or develop?
  • Should Fiery Spirits merge with other network(s) or go it alone in the future?

A members' survey opens today.... please take five…


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DEFRA looking for expressions of interest....

In case you've not come across this info:

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is seeking expressions of interest from groups who represent the interests of rural communities, businesses and the farming and food sector to be part of a newRural and Farming Network.

This network will give advice directly to the government on farming, food and rural… Continue

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Exploring Community Resilience published - what do you think of it?

This new publication from Fiery Spirits CoP gathers a mix of experience and academic insight into how local communities are learning how to cope – and even thrive - through difficult times.

Written in an accessible style its stories highlight experience from Cumbria to the Scottish Highlands, and from New Orleans to Tooting, London. Web links direct readers to…

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Updated New Member Pack

As this site develops we update our 'new member pack'. Download the latest version here




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Help us find two 'Carnegie Associates' to build CoP topics

The Community of Practice is entering a new phase of development.

We are seeking to appoint two Carnegie Associates to help build two topics - focussed on young peoples' involvement in managing community assets, and how services can be effectively transferred from local authority control. 

Each position will be…


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Can you help promote 'Exploring Community Resilience' this Autumn? And pre-order now....

. What is community resilience?

. How are people building it?

. Why does it…


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Can anyone offer advice around an area-wide planning process?

I've writing on behalf of a CoP member who has been in touch with some questions about developing an ambitious regional action plan. As things are still in early stages, it's not yet appropriate to announce details of where this will happen - but any advice FS members can offer for an emerging group of local authority and private sector interests who want to develop an effective way to engage several communities would be…

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'Appreciating Assets' launched today by Carnegie/IACD

New Guide for Effective Asset-Based Community Development

For the past two years, Fiery Spirits…


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Measuring What Matters? Launch Edinburgh 20th May 2011

Over the past few months, Carnegie UK Trust sponsored the now closed Sustainable Development Commission to write a report called 'Measuring What Matters' - the report's now available to download/read here:

You might also recall a flurry of Fiery SPirits events in 2009 with the same name - the videos and resources from these are well worth revisiting (see for example…


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Community Land Trusts as the new pension? Revisited

In July 2009 I posted up a blog that asked:

"I am wondering whether the time is ripe to connect peoples' personal decisions about whether to invest in private houses for a pension, or even a pension fund, to a more radical question about what will we need when we 'retire'? Food, heat, light, community, music, a sense of meaning and spiritual companionship?

In an era when so much of the post-war consensus is breaking apart, perhaps now is the time for our movement to… Continue

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Land for the People

Prof. Jim Hunter is currently reviewing community land initiatives for an upcoming publication by Carnegie UK Trust. This work began with a keynote speech at the Edinburgh Festival of Politics in 2010. This blog is a summary of that talk: Why Land Reform Matters and Why We Need More Of It

One of Britain’s leading community ownership advocate invited Prime Minister David Cameron to visit the Scottish Isle of Gigha to see his plan for a Big Society already a… Continue

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Inviting expressions of interest to join CoP Steering Group

The CoP Steering Group is now seeking nominations for three additional members to support its development. The Steering Group's task is to ensure the CoP is highly useful to its members.


Its remit includes

  • defining the purpose and high level outcomes for the CoP;
  • setting the thematic focus;
  • overseeing a £150K fund to support development of CoP activity; and
  • overseeing a transition from Carnegie UK Trust to independence by December…

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