Citizen-Led Service Inspection by West Lothian Council

Last year West Lothian Council began a new citizen-led inspection initiative. This new form of engagement enabled local people to inspect and offer insights into how services could be improved. The citizen inspection teams are made up of 4 people, who receive a 2 day training course to provide them with the prerequisite skills to carry out inspections and report effectively on the services. The initiative has started in two service areas – Winter Maintenance and Pupil Placement Services – with a view for this to be mainstreamed over time. The inspection resulted in some substantial changes to the services, such as establishing a more effective communications strategies during extreme weather as a result of winter maintenance inspection, and the simplification of pre-school admissions policy and guidelines in the pupil placement service inspection. These changes that came as a direct result of citizen involvement have provided efficiencies and improved service quality. Futhermore they develop the capacity of individuals in the community. Click here to read more about how this model represents an empoweri...

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