New Service from FierySpirits will promote members posts wherever they are on the web!

Since FierySpirits began in 2008, there are now thousands of ways to share news online. Many of us now use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. alongside our websites and blogs. But this takes more time it's hard to get noticed in the cluttered online world.

With FierySpirits membership at over 1,200 we think we can help you to maximise the number of people seeing your posts. Here's how:

1) We inviting you to complete a 30 second online survey about where you like to post your updates anywhere online; and then
2) We use new software to compile an attractive daily or weekly newsletter that gets your content noticed by more people.

The results promise to be powerful. We should attract lots of readers - there are few places where the latest activity of up to 1200 community resilience pioneers is gathered into one place like this. The resource will make it possible to
  • quickly spot new ideas, trends, connections and identify people who they'd like to follow up on;
  • access a privileged overview of the issues community resilience pioneers are working on; and
  • identify sources of support, resources and opportunities to influence policy.
Please help get this experiment get off the ground: fill out our survey - now, if you can!

We are asking one very simple question: what are the web addresses of places you like to post to? For example

1) Your webpage or blog
2) Your Twitter address, a group's Facebook page, a Youtube channel, LinkedIn profile etc.
3) Any other place (photos? videos? writing?) that you think might be relevant / of interest to fellow Fiery Spirits.

  • We will only use sources that you tell us about
  • Include things even if you're not sure they are relevant - there's a box on the form that flags this up, and we might give you a call to follow this up.
  • As an additional incentive, we'll enter everyone who fills out the survey into a prize draw with a chance to win a copy of Jim Hunter's new book (above). There are 10 copies to be won. The draw will take place on August 1st 2012.

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