Feasta - the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability http://www.feasta.org , based in Ireland, has adopted the position that many of the world’s problems are caused by dysfunctional systems and sees its purpose as designing better ones.

Part of our work is looking at the role that local currencies may or may not play in rebuilding local economies. The Feasta Currency Group is a CoP for currency advocates and activists based primarily at:


At Nick Wilding's suggestion I am posting here on Fiery Spirits as a starting point to explore shared interest with Fiery Spirits members and to flush out possible co-operations that could be facilitated by Carnegie and Feasta.

Currencies can be designed.

Once we realise that currency - nay, money in general - can be designed to fulfill or support specific objectives, it sets us free. Free from the constraints of the broken pseudo-science that is mainstream economics; free to recognise that not all transactions are of equal importance; and potentially free to redesign ourselves away from our existing pervasive elite monetary hegemony and reclaim the monetary commons.

If that sounds idealistic and challenging, that's because it is. There are a number of legitimate objectives for a currency, strategies for getting liftoff and key design parameters. There are pros and cons for cross-connecting currencies. Lots of creativity was shown in the 1930s in this area, most of which was subsequently buried - but there are differences this time around.

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Comment by Nick Wilding on May 14, 2012 at 12:02

Thanks Graham for posting ... can I suggest that you write something about the specific opportunity/ies that you would like to sound fiery spirits members out about?

For example, if there is a project that you could describe that is either live or on its way, others might find it helpful to read about as a way to understand better what your work is about.

Also, the more specific you can be about opportunities to collaborate - including a deadline for responses - that would help to elicit responses.

Best wishes

Nick @ Carnegie

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