From the Low Tide of the Sea to the Highest Mountain Tops" _cke_saved_src="" width="250" />In March Community of Practice partners North Harris Trust supported Community Land Scotland's annual conference on Mull. A highlight was the launch of Jim Hunter's new book on the history and impact of community land ownership in Scotland with photos by Cailean MacLean. The book tells the remarkable story of how more than half a million acres of land in Scotland have been taken into community ownership in Scotland over the past 20 years. It is published by the Island Book Trust for £15 - a price you will definitely not regret spending!
Commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust, the book has since had subsequent launches in well attended events in the Scottish Parliament and at Westminster. This is vital reading for anyone who enjoyed the 'Exploring Community Resilience' publication last year. For a taste of what's inside, see Jim's piece in the Sunday Herald and also press coverage in the Herald and Scotsman

The Island Book Trust is a small publisher which relies on word of mouth for its sales. So any help passing word on to other networks is very much appreciated... a promotional leaflet is here.

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