Here’s a shameless plug for a new booklet full of case studies and tips on participatory budgeting, community assets and much more, put together by mainly rural practitioners in the South West of England.  It gathers together the combined knowledge of about 20 people from public authorities who’ve been working together on PB and allied empowerment and engagement matters since 2009.

We’re hoping that the simply written case studies—all with a contact for more information—and attractive format will appeal to elected members and community groups.  Read more about it, and download the booklet in whole or part at the Creating Excellence website:

Hard copies of the 52 page booklet are available at the amazing price of £5 a copy plus delivery (minimum order 10 copies), thanks to the generosity of group member Devon & Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service.  Sales will keep the group afloat for another year, we hope! 

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