– Community Landowning Workshop, 22nd February 2010, Harris Hotel, Tarbert

Following on from the discussions related to the Models that were presented at the recent North Harris Trust workshop there was a general, round-table discussion. The discussion proved to be a very lively end to the workshop, and we all came away with a sense that the day had been useful and thought-provoking for all who attended.

The following blog entries will deal with issues and points that were raised during these discussions. For a more detailed look at the Models that were presented on the day see our blog here: http://fieryspirits.com/profiles/blogs/measuring-our-sucess?xg_sour....

The main thing to come out of the discussions on the day was the firm idea of making this an annual event, which ties in neatly with the second aim of the day, which was:
o To allow community landowning groups in the Outer Hebrides to get together to share experiences and consider what opportunities there may be to work together in the future

The Outer Hebrides are seen as being in a good position to be “leaders” in community landowning practice. An annual event would give locally based community trusts a chance to share information with each other. Information could then be presented to a wider audience, with the Fiery Sprits website being a good medium to do this. Those present felt it is important to stress that community landowners are not in competition with each other, but should encourage and facilitate the sharing of information.

The point was raised that an Outer Hebrides wide tourism related programme was suggested at a previous conference; however, despite the obvious economic benefit this would bring, no one has moved to take this programme forward. An Outer Hebrides regional group of landowning communities may be in a position to do this.

o The practical “how to”s were addressed with the idea of a revolving host proving popular. North Harris hosted this workshop, perhaps Galson, or another group, would host the next meeting.

o The benefit of Directors/Trustees attendance was also raised. An interesting and relevant topic will ensure that Directors and Trustees will make the time to attend, as was seen at this event.

o A brief presentation on what each group is doing would be beneficial-even neighbouring Trusts are not fully aware of each other’s work. This was clearly highlighted in the response to the North Harris Trust’s presentation.

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Comment by Tamsin Morris on March 21, 2011 at 14:34
"Encouraging and facilitating the sharing of information" is exactly what the Scottish Community Land Network (www.communityland.org.uk) was set up to do! Perhaps there's scope for using that for some of your proposed information-sharing, rather than re-inventing the wheel?

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