In the most recent edition of 'NewsBurst' we invited members to submit links to your websites, blogs, twitter pages and more with the promise that we'd try to point others your way.

A trial version of ‘member news direct’ service is now live - and we need your help to improve it:

1) a ‘members news’ box now sits on the front of, and in addition

2) members can sign up for a daily email newsletter with news updates. 

At present, we are taking information from about 150 sources on a daily basis – a combination of blogs and twitter (unfortunately Facebook wall feeds are difficult to access). as Facebook no longer makes this easy).

To sign up for the newsletter, point your mobile at this QR code (right) or go to


Feedback welcome

Part of the challenge in building this service is to ensure only relevant posts are included. To this end, we are currently operating a simple filter that

(a)  only takes updates published in the previous 24 hours, and

(b)  in the case of twitter, only takes tweets that include a weblink and are not ‘retweets’. This ensures we are only forwarding information written directly by CoP members, and which offer a way to follow-up the content.

Feedback on the usefulness (or not) of this service is very welcome – in particular, suggestions for how we might improve it.


Next steps: could you curate a topic?

We are aware that this simple filtering can be improved. In particular, we see an opportunity for members with expertise in different topics to take a lead on curating different sections (like section editors of traditional newspapers), taking content from both the members’ feeds as well as other sources. Technologies like promise to make this easy.


If you might be able to help in the next phase of this experiment by curating a topic for the wider benefit of CoP members please email, suggesting the topic!


Thanks for your ongoing support for this experiment,


Nick Wilding

Carnegie UK Trust

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