New website launched for Sustainable Development Degree

In February of this year, the BSc Sustainable Development degree was approved for delivery across the world.  This wholly online degree has been run successfully across the UK for more than 12 years, but is now the first of Scotland’s newest University’s undergraduate degrees to be able to recruit from anywhere in the world.    We have identified five key specialisations within the subject area of Sustainable Development- these are Sustainable Development (Mountain Areas), Sustainable Development (Rural Areas), Sustainable Development (Environment), Sustainable Development (Renewable Energy) Sustainable Development (Health and Wellbeing).  Each of these is offered as a degree title.  Additionally we offer an MSc in Sustainable Development along with a range of certified CPD awards.

All of the above have been accredited by the professional body the Institute of Economic Development.

A 12 week ‘Access to Higher Education Studies’ module is also available for non –traditional entrants seeking new opportunities in the Higher Educational sector.

With the world’s media anticipating the forthcoming United Nations conference on Sustainable Development, (Rio plus 20) later this month, this is the perfect time to promote this highly relevant set of programmes.

“At the Rio+20 Conference, world leaders, along with thousands of participants from governments, the private sector, NGOs and other groups, will come together to shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection on an ever more crowded planet to get to the future we want........ The Rio+20 Conference It is envisaged as a Conference at the highest possible level, including Heads of State and Government or other representatives. The Conference will result in a focused political document” (UN, 2012)

In order to capitalise on the interest globally, the team have developed a new website that promotes the course.  This can be found at

Due to the wholly online delivery of the Programme, prospective students do not need to physically be located, or relocate to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Equally, during these times of economic challenges, it is possible for students to work full or part-time whilst undertaking full time flexible degree studies.  This means that not only can a highly relevant qualification be gained, but also that the accumulation of debt as a result of studies is minimised.  It is believed that this along with the highly competitive fees being offered will make this a highly appealing choice.

According to Programme Leader Dr Michael Smith:

“Studying sustainable development is clearly topical as preparations for Rio+20 continue in the context of the ongoing global economic crises.  A working knowledge and understanding of sustainable develops enhances many career opportunities as the relevance of this topic grows exponentially across the public, private, social and environmental sectors.  Balancing economic development and growth, social and community issues and environmental conservation is about a quantum shift in the way things are currently done.  This course shows you how that can be done.”





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