Was so impressed with the young people I met on Harris and their enthusiasm to take control (set up a Steering Group) to organise the next trip.  Callum Galpin from Comrie offered to set up the facebook page and help keep things moving.  I've contacted Callum to get things moving re the Steering Group.

Equally, I've contacted all the adult support workers who were on Harris to get their views on the trip and the next steps.

Lets keep our eyes on the blog posts and see what happens!

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Comment by Alan Caldwell on May 16, 2012 at 9:35

Thanks for your input John Paul. What are your thoughts on the Stering Group going forward....especially with Callum Galpin from the Comrie group taking such a good lead on this?

Comment by John Paul Mason on May 15, 2012 at 20:29
Hi Alan.

Thanks for inititating the posts.

As I said at the meeting in Harris, the most useful aspect to the trip seemed to be the young folks just getting together and getting to know one another. from that point of view I think it was a great success and I think they all had a blast. Something for the clubs to all build upon and I thought with the balance of activities and free time it was excellent. Good to see various people really getting involved.

Regarding the organisation of the June conference, I felt from the beginning that there was an agenda that wasn't being stated. This seemed to become apparent on the Thursday when the SCVO ideas for the conference were unveiled. I think it would have been better all round if this had been clearly stated up front and well before we started the process.

Thanks, John Paul

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