Open Letter to ASDA about milk prices

Mike Kenny


Asda Lancaster Superstore

Ovangle Road,




Friday, 20 July 2012

Dear Mike

The recent reduction in milk prices have sent shockwaves through dairy farming communities and there is a real fear that it will have a devastating effect on both Cumbria and Lancashire’s landscapes and rural economy.

As a group of concerned consumers, we recognise that a great way of raising awareness amongst the wider public about these dangers is via supermarkets like ASDA.  Obviously, ASDA is a key buyer of dairy produce from companies such as Muller and Dairycrest – processors which have been the ringleaders in the reduction in milk prices.

We aim to have a medium size demonstration at the Lancaster store in the next couple of weeks with pantomime cows marching through the aisles to pick up dairy products from our target milk processors e.g. Wiseman milk, Muller Yoghurts (from the Muller Group), Cathedral City Cheddar (Dairycrest).  The cows will then pay for the products with buckets of pennies – to highlight the recent reductions in milk prices.  It will be a family friendly demonstration with cow face painting for the kids.  The whole event will only last a couple of hours.

I know that Asda, as part of the Wal-Mart family of stores takes great pride in its place in the community.  As dairy farming plays such an important role in Cumbria and Lancashire’s rural economy, marginal price cuts in milk have knock on effects, not just on dairy farmers, but a whole host of rural businesses that supply them.  This is clearly a fantastic opportunity for ASDA to take leadership and exert pressure on Dairycrest and Muller.

As we have already had interest from local and national media in the event, I wanted to let you know about our plans so it does not come as a surprise.  An exact date and time has not been fixed yet as we are trying to coincide with media contacts to ensure we get maximum media exposure.  It would be helpful if we could use the store’s WiFi as we will be promoting the event using social media.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information or would like to discuss it further, my contact details are

Best wishes


Daniel Heery

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