Nick Wilding has asked me to attend a gathering at Hill Holt Wood to look at community leadership and building resilience at a time of rapid change. The arts have a great role to play in this.

As an arts practitioner of 30 years (initially as co-founder director of the London International Festival of Theatre and now as a freelance producer artist and co-chair of Transition Town Tooting) I am fascinated by the role participatory and celebratory events play in acting as a catalyst for cultural and social change. The report I have been working on recently with Hilary Jennings
published by MMM maps the UK arts and cultural sector’s response to climate change and resource scarcity. It also investigates the practical and behavioural barriers preventing greater breadth and depth of response - as well as considering what role the sector might play in the future. The report, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Trust, is part of SustainableAbility /span>> - a Mission, Models, Money project to help drive forward transformative responses to resource scarcity and climate change from individuals and organisations working in the arts. It's intended as another point of connection in the growing network of support designed to help the UK’s cultural and creative sector. If you have any comments on reading the report we would love to have them!

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