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At 10:44 on August 7, 2012, Ian Grout said…

Hi Nick, thanks for the warm welcome

First some context. For the past fourteen years I have been researching and teaching in the Product Design Department at The Glasgow School of Art. For the past seven years I have been a Visiting Professor at HDK, Design School, Göteborg, Sweden.

 My current research and design activities concern the understanding of the changing nature of society, ecology and economy and how design and design education may be transformed to act and support how we may live with greater empathy, respect and humility in a world that is in a period of significant change. A specific focus within this is the development of the “Citizen Designer” capable of working within social enterprise and community regeneration. A broad ambition being to cultivate creative practice able to support existing and emerging social enterprises and communities and also the strategic future development of the profession. I am an academic by necessity and a pragmatist by nature.

I work a lot in active design projects with students, here is a selection:

• Together with Masters students in Design Innovation won The Audi Design Foundation competition, Sustain our Nation, for the design of a social enterprise, the project now being in the implementation phase in Wyndford, Glasgow. It is expected that this new model of design innovation has significant potential for growth and adaption in designing for resilience in a convivial society, has special value in designing for transformation in our changing society and opens up new roles for the designer as citizen. See - www.

• Choreography of Care for the Elderly. This seven week long student project involved working collaboratively with practitioners from across the health, public, voluntary and private sector agencies, as well as older people and their carers from the Southside of Glasgow. The project’s objective was to gain a holistic understanding of what it may mean to live a good older life and to suggest meaningful services and experiences devolved into the community through four key themes; anticipatory care, reablement, partnership working and communication and social isolation. See:

• You, Me, Us and Them. A six week project embedding design students in 6 Glasgow social enterprises to explore the nature of social enterprises and co-create design activities to help develop some aspect to the benefit of the host organisation.  The enterprises involved were: Glasgow Wood Recycling, Spruce Carpets, Shelter, Oxfam, Unity and the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice.

From October to November I am running this project again and have 3 enterprises signed up already - The Galgael Trust, The Bike Shed and the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice. The Social Enterprise Academy is helping also.

In the Glasgow School of Art we are starting a Masters Degree in Design and Citizenship

If anyone finds this interesting please contact me as there is much more to tell

At 17:15 on June 7, 2012, Liz Johnson-Idan said…

Thanks for your comments, we are a bit isolated here so it is good to see what everyone is doing. The airport has already had an impact with some people returning to the island from Ascension, Falklands and the UK, shortages of rented accomodation and food (particularly fruit and vegetables but most of the shelves are empty now even when the ship does arrive so although no-one is starving it is difficult, expensive and time consuming to get things. Lots of talk about increasing agricultural production but nothing tangible yet. On the back of the airport opening we are also looking at a big hotel development with a golf course and all the usual things(up to 400 people staying) on an island with a population of under 4000. - massive changes and all the emphasis on economic development and virtually no support for social and cultural development  (only me and I have no budget to work with at all).

Interesting times ahead!

In answer to your question there is one social enterprise, SHAPE, which was set up following support from COPE in the Shetlands.

At 14:04 on April 17, 2012, Mark Lazzeri said…

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your message.  I am enthusiastic about sharing ideas and experiences and also in expanding the community.

Best wishes,


At 16:47 on April 3, 2012, Mike King said…

Thanks for your comment Nick - project has been a bit slow in getting going but in the next few months I am hoping that we can make real progress. Happy to share as things unfold 

Best wishes

At 10:10 on March 27, 2012, Clare Stimpson said…

Wonderful, thanks Nick. I've put all the events up now so hopefully we'll start getting some interest! All the best.

At 15:53 on December 3, 2011, Anthony Hodgson said…

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your interest in the book. It would be great to do an event around it early next year - in a way that mutually complements your work and mine. Maybe we could do a short version of the IFF World Game around a them of interest to local Fiery Spirits.

let me know when you see a possibility shaping up.

best wishes


At 17:36 on September 13, 2011, Rachel Francis said…

Nick, thanks,

So, inspired by your book ... my thoughts 

There is an old adage "Starting where your audience is" ...  I think there is more to be explored on that point ... how groups might frame the narrative of community resilience in all kinds of situations and for all kinds of people. How  we might construct our locally appropriate story of community resilience.

We are not all in communities where shared purpose is brought into focus eg by a visible emergency, so how do we take the vision of resilience and  make it clear and compelling for Mrs Jones ... and Dan Brown that it spreads from platform to platform in the community and begins to shape public opinion/support structural change. I think this is about framing the story so that it spreads.

At 11:39 on September 13, 2011, Dave said…

Many thanks Nick...enjoyed contributing and would love to do more.  Its a very interesting agenda.....



At 15:09 on September 8, 2011, Kirsty Burnham said…
Hi Nick, thanks for your comment and support. It's all very exciting!  We're building the site day by day in response to feedback - so will look into embedding RSS and the idea of a widget is a great one. A resources page is something that we are looking to build up too - so maybe we could collaborate - we want to signpost Projects to available resources and match-funders from the tiniest grants in the middle of nowhere to the larger ones.  In the meantime I'll update my page on Fiery Spirits as often as poss with projects that may be of interest to members and how they're doing. Thanks Nick, Kirsty
At 9:22 on August 30, 2011, Ruth Townsley said…
Hi Nick, Yes I'll be there on Nov 1-2.  Have organised and am chairing a debate called 'can we speak truth to power?' amongst other things.  See you there xx
At 12:15 on August 18, 2011, Bob Stilger said…
Thanks Nick!  I'm downloading now!  Thanks for what looks like wonderful work.  I'm headed back to Japan next week.  Also looks like I may be in Australia and Japan.  This will be useful!
At 20:38 on July 1, 2011, Ruth Townsley said…

Hello Nick - thanks for the message, grand to hear from you.  I knew you had one little boy, and now it's two!  All good with me thanks.  I moved from the bassac side to join Locality when we merged with the dta and still work on programmes around voice and impact.  Tempered radicals, folk devils and creative delinquency all still big for me too.  My partner lives in Bristol so I spend half the month with him and half the month in Alston.  I like fiery spirits and look forward to getting amongst it R xxxx


At 16:24 on May 31, 2011, Shelagh Young said…
Thanks Nick. I was a Fiery Spirits member before but think it was via my SDC email so suddenly realised that was why I hadn't had any news lately!
At 12:48 on May 5, 2011, Toby Anstruther said…


thank you.  Angus Hogg mentioned this site to me this morning and suggested we get in touch with you and Geoff Brown.  Are you about week-commencing 16th May?  Happy to come over to you.


At 23:19 on February 21, 2011, Elke Loeffler said…

Hi Nick,

could you please change the date of the event I posted on Saturday to 28 February? It would be useful if the website enabled users to re-edit their entries.

Many thanks, Elke


At 11:38 on February 16, 2011, eve-anne cullinan said…
Thanks Nick  .. I see Davie Philip is also on the network, would be great for us all to catch up when you are in Ireland  ... look foward to seeing you again. Eve-Anne
At 17:48 on January 1, 2011, Alistair S. Petrie said…

Hi Nick, many thanks for adding me as a friend, I`m very much a "Newbie" here an still finding me way aboot!


At 9:54 on September 28, 2010, Ruth Bush said…
Hi Nick, Could you pass on information about our event to relevant contacts?
At 8:26 on September 28, 2010, Niall Heenan said…
Hi Nick, I know the photo is strange! Got cropped incorrectly and I am now trying to up load another one. Good to connect again- Niall
At 20:55 on July 21, 2010, Christine Hope said…
Thanks Nick

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