Getting to grips with service transfer

This is the first of four short films produced for the fieryspirits community of practice. Each video will explore how services can be effectively transferred from public bodies to social enterprises and other third sector organisations.

In this first video we explore some thorny questions with a seasoned practitioner (and fieryspirits member), as we aim to get to grips with the essential characteristics of a transferred service.

Andy Wiggans, our interviewee, is a former local authority Director and Chair of the Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust (WLCT). For over a decade WLCT has run Wigan Council's leisure services, and has been around long enough to flag up issues that people just starting off might be interested to hear about.

Andy talks about the benefits of third sector service provision, the nature of community involvement in services and some of the challenges faced.

The interview concludes with some provocative questions for members:

- What is the purpose of service transfer, why not just leave provision to public bodies?
- Are third sector providers really any better at involving local people in the management and running of services?
- How can volunteers cope with the ‘mumbo jumbo’ and the mundane tasks involved in running such services?

We want to hear your thoughts. Fiery responses, general musings and unanswered questions are all welcome!

As we develop more videos we want to put you in control of who we interview and what questions we ask. If you have suggestions please post them in a comment, or via the Transfer Process group.

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